Ukraine’s Strategy for Building Relations with the Population of Crimea and Donbass. Lessons Learnt from Georgia for Ukraine

Already for more than a year, the international community’s agenda has been dominated by the issue of settling the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. For the first time since world war II, one state has annexed part of the territory of another state. for the first time the newly created term, “hybrid war” has entered the international relations discourse. for the first time the world faces the large-scale use of misleading terms, and cynical falsification of facts.

Economic Reforms: Market Liberalization VS Social Responsibility Lessons Learnt from Georgia for Ukraine

Since September 2014, within the frameworks of the project Ukraine – Out of Crisis through Dialogue, three working visits of Ukrainian experts and journalists to Georgia were organized, to study positive and negative aspects of Georgian reforms. In addition, three round tables were held, with the participation of experts from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, EU countries. As a result, participants of project prepared several analytical materials.

Problems of Kvemo-Kartli and Samtskhe-Javakheti and foreign policy preferences of the local population

This paper discusses the basic problems of the regions populated by ethnic minorities, and the attitudes of the local population towards Georgia’s foreign policy. The research was conducted in two cities, Marneuli and Akhalkalaki. Interviewed respondents are representatives of local non-governmental organizations, the business sector, the media, religious institutions, political parties and local government. The study revealed the main factors that affect the formation of the foreign policy priorities of the respondents.