Caucasian House Publishing Activities

"Caucasian House" was established in 1973 on the basis of the "Main Editorial Board of Literary Translation and Literary Relations", the purpose of which was to translate the best examples of world literature and thought into Georgian and popularize Georgian literature. One of the priorities of the activity of "Caucasian House" is the publishing activity.

The publishing house of the organization publishes about ten books every year: fiction, folklore of the peoples of the Caucasus, historical and ethnographic works, religious-philosophical and public-political literature.

 "Caucasian House" publishing house, in accordance with the principles and goals of the organization, for years, on the one hand, introduces Georgian readers to outstanding examples of the writings of the peoples of the Caucasus and, on the other hand, translates and publishes classical and modern Georgian literature into Caucasian languages.

Periodicals of the Caucasian House

Since 1997, the annual literary, religious-philosophical and public magazine "Afra" has been published. Its purpose is to stimulate the translation of artistic and philosophical-theological texts, as well as critical thinking; presentation of important examples of spiritual culture of the ancient and modern eras, the West and the East; promotion of understanding of modern Georgian reality; Humanization and democratization of public consciousness. "Afra" presents a variety of original and translated poetry, prose, dramaturgy, letters, articles of a religious nature and analysis of current social events.

In response to the social processes taking place at different times, "Caucasian House" published periodicals of different contents and directions:

Literary-community newspaper "Alternativa" has been published every two weeks since 1998 and along with "Afra" has played an important role in stimulating literary processes for years. Since 2004, it has taken the form of a magazine. 15 issues of "Alternative" magazine were published in two years. Its purpose was to research the modern Georgian literary situation and introduce the world literary processes to the readers.

In 2006-2008, Alternative Magazine changed its name and presented 6 issues to the readers under the name of "Multiple Country", which focused on the works of writers of different nationalities living in Georgia - Abkhazian, Ossetian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kurdish, Russian.

The Russian-language newspaper "КАВКАЗСКИЙ АКЦЕНТ" was published in "Caucasian House" as a newspaper in 1999-2006, and as a magazine since 2010. Its purpose was to cover the ongoing processes in the Caucasus, to promote the peaceful settlement of conflicts in the region; Protection of the interests of national minorities in public life and their integration; introduction of ecological and civic awareness and environmental protection; Reflecting the work of the non-governmental sector.

In 2007-2009, "Caucasian House" published the magazine "Our Village", which tried to create a space for dialogue between the village and the city; The life and problems of the regions were reflected.