Culture Calendar

The "Culture Calendar" project has been running since 2004 with the financial support of the European Foundation – Horizon; It aims at stimulating cultural processes in the country, presenting the traditions and culture of ethnic and national minorities, and introducing the history, folklore and literature of the peoples of the Caucasus to the Georgian audience. About 30 literary and musical evenings, exhibitions, book presentations, conferences and popular lectures are held annually under the auspices of the project; Holidays important for religious and ethnic minority communities are also celebrated here.

"Culture Calendar" helps novice artists to take the first steps on their professional path, as well as initiates recalling the works of undeservedly forgotten writers, artists, musicians, returning them to the wider cultural space.

Since 2015, a competition is held every year within the framework of the project to encourage small-budget cultural projects, in which organizations operating in the regions of Georgia take part. The organizations winning in the competition organize cultural events to present and develop the advantageous characteristics and traditions of their communities, to create cultural hubs in places where respective progress is hindered. Since the establishment of the competition and until now, events with the financial support of Culture Calendar have been held in all provinces of Georgia.