Cultural-Educational Program

The task of the cultural and educational program of "Caucasian House" is to present important samples of ancient and modern eras, Western and Eastern spiritual culture and to translate and publish artistic and philosophical-theological texts in order to stimulate critical thinking and literary processes in Georgia and to support the new generation of artists. The program actively supports Georgian authors and the development of Georgian literature.

Under the auspices of the cultural-educational program, hundreds of young people acquire knowledge about the Caucasian peoples, their history, culture, ethnography, indicators of socio-economic development and political systems.

The program supports the activities of religious-ethnic groups and communities living in Georgia, tries to help minority peoples in presenting their language, culture and traditions, protecting their rights and interests. The subject of special concern of "Caucasian House" is the introduction of norms of religious-ethnic tolerance and peaceful coexistence or solidarity of different cultures in the Georgian society.

The cultural-educational program works on the development of non-formal education in the regions of Georgia, tries to support the humanization and democratization of public consciousness through the establishment of regional training centers.

Audio and video studio, publishing house, reading room of "Caucasian House" are functioning within the program; The literary-philosophical and public magazine "Afra", the students' scientific-literary almanac "Our World" are published annualy.