Peace and Integration Program

The goal of the programme is the peaceful transformation of conflicts in the Caucasus region through dealing with the past, promotion of public diplomacy and policy research. In addition, it aims to encourage multicultural dialogue and promote the integration of ethnic minorities in Georgia through cultural and educational activities.

The programme tries to create the necessary foundations for establishing sustainable peace and justice in Georgia and the Caucasus, for deepening ties and cooperation between the peoples living in the region, for strengthening democratic values and for common progress based on the protection of human rights. Through regular dialogue with decision-makers, the programme tries to make its own contribution to the formation of the state peace and minority integration policies in Georgia.

In close cooperation with the cultural-educational programme, various researches are conducted, as well as books and reports are published. Programme team regularly holds conferences, seminars, and other events both in Georgia and beyond its borders. The programme pays special attention to promoting young academics interested in the issue and supporting their research activities.