Center for Harmonious Development “Kera”

The Solomon Dodashvili Harmonious Development Center for Children and Adolescents "Kera" in the village of Zemo Magharo

In 2020, The Caucasian House founded the Center for Harmonious Development named after Solomon Dodashvili in the village Zemo Magharo of the Sighnaghi district, which became a center for intellectual and physical development and recreation of children and adolescents.

Kera aims to create conditions for adolescents and young people favorable to spiritual and intellectual development, and also improvement of their physical health, to promote the formation of a creative thinking, to get them well-equipped with good knowledge of some crafts and areas, develop high civic consciousness, become sporty, hardworking citizens who will take care of their fellow humans and nature.

One of the tasks of Keria is to bring urban and rural, ethnic Georgian and non-Georgian children and young people from different parts of Georgia closer together.

The Center for Harmonious Development of Zemo Magharo contributes to revitalization of village life by employing locals, purchasing produce from local villagers, involving villagers in various cultural and civic initiatives...

Kera works within the framework of conceptual, cultural and educational program of the Caucasian House, which was formed on the basis of many years of educational and nurturing projects implemented by the organization.

The Center for Harmonious Development achieves its goals by working by running cultural and educational circles or clubs, including those focused on:

  • • Georgian literature;
  • • Environment and ecology;
  • • Music (singing, playing the guitar and folk instruments);
  • • Drawing and handicrafts;
  • • Theater and drama.

The Center for Harmonious Development organizes film screenings and discussions, excursions and hikes, sports games; Children and adults learn here to take care of plants in the fruit and vegetable garden located on the grounds of the Center. Children involved in the life of the Center for Harmonious Development organize civil actions, concerts, and stage plays.