My name is Ivan and the lucky life twist brought me to Georgia to be an intern in a local NGO involved in to peacebuilding and cross-cultural cooperation (sounds fancy – I know). I desperately need to gain some practical experience, because what is a value of a good education, if you cannot transform your knowledge in to the something useful for the society? In this blog I will reflect on my experience in Georgia (professional and general), and try to bring an analytical perspective in all I do (damm you higher education!!!!!!!!!!!). Also, if the God lets me I will try to bring some satire, to spicy things up.Regardless of the apologetic tone of the first line ( yep, I am sorry that I am Russian, and that the name is Ivan, and I came to Georgia, having a military style haircut — I am still a nice guy) I would like to state my aggressively peaceful intentions concerning this provocatively beautiful land. The blog would show that I am not an occupant or Russian imperialist, but an ambassador of peace and an ever-lasting machine that transforms chacha in to the diplomatic network including me, mother Russia, and indigenous population of Georgia.

In the blog I will try to discuss culture, food, girls, drinks, casinos, strip clubs, and of course, political, economic and social relations between Georgia and Russia. The astonishing richness of the Georgian culture makes the topic of peace and cooperation between our nations a top priority for myself. That is why this blog would be so neutral, as Swiss could have never dreamed to be.

Kind Regards,