Adjaria! How many beautiful things come to the mind of a Russian person when he hears that word! However, not to rush to the description of my vacation in this marvelous, I have to explain the etymology of the name.

So, in a recent study published by the Russian Empire Federation Institute of Nonsense (REFIN) and the Academy of Putin’s Universal Wisdom (APUW), the name “Adjaria” is a combination of two Russian words: ‘Ad’ (Hell\Inferno) and ‘Jara’ (heat)[1]. Therefore, the scientists concluded that the literal translation is ‘infernal heat’. The Russian intellectual elite who is full time employed to do scientific discoveries – with the average rate of 1.3456 discovery per day – are the people with whom is hard to argue[2].

Nevertheless, having in mind the translation of this name we can proceed with the discussion. I have spent three unforgettable days in Adjaria together with the Leo Tolstoy’s Karenina, some mussels, and the Adjarian hachapuri. Meeting another culture with its customs and traditions is always an entertaining experience. Unfortunately, I cannot say that Adjarian’s are differ from the rest of Georgia – food is nice, people are friendly, girls are pretty. Nevertheless, you can sense it in the air that something is different.

First of all, the Black Sea. Here, in Adjaria, it is more tender, warm, and clean than anywhere else — like a beautiful girl, mother’s kiss, and a true Russian patriot’s soul. The gorgeous sunset is next on the list. While watching the sun slowly drowning on the horizon and the sea surface reflecting all the shades of red, a person suddenly transcends its physical body, finding himself floating above everything, above universe, breaking through from reality and finding a peace in the nirvana. Finally, it is the city of Batumi. While in Batumi it is hard not to break in tears. I would say it is a very motivational city, because while there a person thinks about making a successful career, become rich, and return to play in casino’s and enjoy the lavish life.

After the trip, I am convinced that Adjaria is more than an ‘infernal heat’. It is a one of the many miracles you can discover in Georgia. And every such experience makes you wanna slap on the face someone who mistakes Georgia for the southern state in the US. However, nope. Not to slap, but embrace and tell a person all you know about this country, so he or she, would go and experience everything first-handed.

[1] The Russian Empire Federation Institute of Nonsense and the Academy of Putin’s Universal Wisdom, The Conquest Working Paper 2015-2020, pp. 666-666. APUW publishing. Kremlin

[2] Putin, Vladimir. “How awesome to live in Russia”. APUW publishing. Kremlin.