The new Caucasian House documentary IN SEARCH OF DIVERSITY will be screened at Caucasian House on the 9th of October at 7 pm.

Film trailer:

Georgia has a long-standing history of multiculturalism. Representatives of many different ethnicities (some counting very few representatives) lived on this land alongside Georgians. The wider society tends to know little about their peer citizens and their culture. This movie features 7 different characters, with different ethnicities, languages, religions, professions and lifestyles. All have one thing in common – they consider Georgia as their homeland, showing that it is possible to keep close to one’s roots while at the same time feel like active members of a diverse Georgian society.

Language: Georgian (with English subtitles)
Address: Galaktion Tabidze Street 20, Caucasian House
Attendance is Free!

The Film was created by the youth initiative group that were participating in the Caucasian House and International Alert project Youth Lead Civic Dialogue.

The event is organized by Tbilisi Youth Center within the “Promoting Integration, Tolerance, and Awareness Program” [PITA] implemented by the United Nations Association of Georgia with the financial support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).