Our friends, supporters of “Caucasian House”, we want to inform you and the whole society that the 15-year struggle for the “Caucasian House” is over! And it ended for all the good and joy, because this house has always belonged to the society and served to the public since its establishment.
Sincere gratitude to all, especially to ones who stood by our side in the summer 2010, during a difficult period for us. Then government’s decision – to take away the building from the “Caucasian House”, which was restored and reconstructed by European Foundation Horizon and, to pass it to doubtful forces, – caused the general resentment in public. Academics, youth, children, IDPs, national minorities, Caucasian, American and European artists, politicians, Nobel laureates and everyone, who has ever worked with “Caucasian House”, were protesting. If not your devotion, no one knows what would have happened to the organization, which has been a translation center since 1973 and during the past 25 years it is devoted to children and young peoples’ free education, inter-Caucasian peace dialogue, saving of the cultural and natural heritage, professional translation and etc.
The agreement was signed on February 17, 2016, between the “Centre for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House” and the Ministry of Economy, on the basis that the major part of the building, situated on 20 Galaktion Tabidze Street, will be given to the usufruct usage of our organization.
We are grateful to the authorities, who ended this long-standing injustice, taking away so much time and vital power of people.
Dear friends, we hope that we will do a good and productive job together with you in the future as well.
Members of the “Caucasian House”.
February 22nd, 2016