[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Caucasian House focuses on the three main strategic programmes that provide the organisation with the coherent and purposeful implementation of the strategies. Additionally, these programmes do endorse structuring the work of the organisation and do support to evaluate the results. Moreover, they are the key players in finding the partners. In order these programmes to be fulfilled various projects are created.

  1. Cultural and Educational Programme
    The programme objective:

    • The stimulation of the critical thinking and endorsement of the literature.
    • The promotion of the innovations in the field of education.
    • The provision of the psychological rehabilitation to the children and to the youth.
    • The translation of the texts in the spheres of literature (occidental and oriental), science, theology and psychology.
  2. The Caucasian research Programme
    The programme objective:

    • The long-term objective of this programme is the enhancement of the formulation of the coherent and effective Caucasian Politics implementation, regarding the constant analysis and the appropriate recommendations
  3. The peace-building and minority integration programme
    The programme objective:

    • The programme emphasises on the peaceful stabilisation of the conflicts and the endorsement of the minority integration policies through the public diplomacy and cultural-educational programmes in the region. Furthermore, this programme cooperates closely with the Caucasian Research Programme. The strategic planning is executed through the coordination with necessities resulted by the researches. The programme constantly relies on the results conducted through the researches of the policy analysis