Georgian – Russian Dialogue for Peace and Cooperation

The project aims to contribute to the transformation of the Georgian-Russian conflict: 1)  through supporting the Georgian government in developing relevant policies for avoiding further escalation of the conflict and deepening the normalization process; 2) through promoting dialogue and cooperation among Georgian and Russian mid-career policy analysts and practitioners. Within the project 10 groups from Russia visited Georgia and in February 2013 and 2014 group of young Georgian scholars visited Moscow. The project encompasses the following activities.

Internet Diary of Caucasian House

Internet Diary YouTube Channel opened in 2010 and it already got 181 subscribers, there are 332 videos uploaded and the number of total views reached 167, 473, that clearly shows 50% of activity growth. i.e. during the 2013 there was 99055 of total number of views, but since January 2014, just in 4 months, the numbers of views reached already 64 279 original ones.

Multinational Weekend School

Project aims to contribute the process of integration and social/psychological rehabilitation of the children from conflict affected, socially undefended, ethnic and religious minority families.

Publishing Activities

Caucasian House’s one of the main activities was and remains publishing scientific, philosophical and theological texts; translating masterpieces of western and eastern literature.

People's University of Caucasian Studies

Supporting regional cooperation and increasing level of knowledge about the Caucasus through inter-cultural and civil dialogue between the youth.