Before applying for an internship at Caucasian House, an applicant must:

  • Clearly articulate how this program fits into their academic goals in a personal statement.
  • Provide a current resume
  • Have a relevant academic background
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from the previous workplace or current academic institution


  • The Intern will receive quality training by a supervisor who possesses expertise directly related to the intern’s responsibilities.
  • A job description will be provided that includes a detailed explanation of duties and/or projects, required skills or qualifications, minimum number of hours per week and approximate start and end dates for the experience.
  • Will have an appropriate workspace and tools with which to perform their duties (e.g., access to a computer, software).


There are no requirements for the intern to pay the employer in any form for any part of the experience.  The employer expects no immediate advantage from the activities of the intern.

Please note that Centre for Cultural Relations – Caucasian House does not offer any financial assistance and work of the intern will be taken on voluntary basis.

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